Shoulder pain in adult disc golf players


Background information

Male Female
Question 2: Gender
Am Pro
Question 3: PDGA license
left right both equally
Question 5: Dominant throwing arm

Experience and training habits

0 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 >20
Question 8: How many tournaments do you play per year?
Question 9: How often do you train?
<1 time/month 1-3 times/month 1-2 times/week 3 or more times /week
Playing on the course
Question 10: Do you do a specific training except throwing?(more than 1 option possible)
backhand sidearm both about equally
Question 11: What is your preferred throwing technique?

Shoulder Pain

Question 12
yes no
Do or did you experience any kind of shoulder pain?

If yes please continue with question 13, if no continue with the feedback section

Question 13
yes no
Was this shoulder pain related to disc golf?

If yes please answer question 14,15 and 16, if no continue with the feedback section

Question 14: During what kind of movement did you feel pain? (more than 1 option possible)
Question 15: When did the pain set in? (more than 1 option possible)
Question 16: Where is your pain located?(more than 1 option possible)

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